Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The current webpoll results on 580 CFRA:

Note: if you haven't heard today's whinerline installation, it really is a must listen.

If it means anything to the slugfans out there, I can certainly empathize with being down 3-0 to a fourth-seeded upstart, having gone Full Metal Jacket after that J.P. Dumont overtime nutcrusher one year ago (go ahead, travel through the wormhole to the bizarro world that was May 10th, 2006 if you dare). My advice? Take advantage of the new uniform regs (and the advice of hockey fans everywhere) and get back to the white buffalo on black and red background for 07-08. Coupled with the humiliating power outage so far in the finals, the San Diego Sluggachargers look clearly isn't flattering you.

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