Thursday, May 03, 2007

Playoff Memories X: The Twilight Zone

I have never been more afraid that a Canadian team could win the Cup than this year. Even before game 7 last year I felt like the Oilers were not going to complete the comeback.

Stupid Madden and Pandolfo are getting owned, Brodeur goes from a freaking goaltending god to a sieve, the devils can't score to save their lives when they need it, Emery has been good enough, Alfie (spits!) is leading by example, their defence is limiting second chances and their PK is limiting first chances, and the sens are even getting lucky when they need it (Fisher The Monk's cheating leg swipe)

I saw Spezza block a shot! I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

Anyway, the West better win the cup because the way the Sabres are playing they won't get past the Rangers but I don't think the Rangers can get past the sens. Of course, the west is still my last bastion of hope. While I don't want the sens to make the finals (it's enough hearing about how the Canucks are a better franchise because they made it in '82 and '94 as if losing made them amazing despite a bandwagon fanbase, terrible managment and near-bankruptcy) seeing them lose in the finals could be fun/nervewracking/ulcer-inducing.

Having said all of that, the Devils could still comeback from 3-1, the sens of old could make a return, and The Godfather could spur his team onto greater heights. In case they don't, here is a look at the good old days when the sens' were good for a collapse or two. Sigh, the good old days.

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