Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kovulchuk Rumours.

I read this morning that some media types saw Fletcher and Atlanta GM Don Waddell having conversations at the recent GM meetings. Rumours of course begin that they are discussing Kovulchuk who wants out of Atlanta.

Fletcher denies it flat out, and if the Leafs did want Kovulchuk it would be costly. Some might argue such a move also flies in the face of the Leafs "rebuild strategy".

But hold on.

Ilya is 25 years old. This isn't some washed up vet. Add that this guy leads the NHL in goals scored since 2002/2003, and the Leafs would have their franchise forward for years to come.

I'll guess that if Fletcher really wanted him, it would cost the Leafs their 1st and 2nd round pick and a cluster of our better prospects (maybe Kulemin and Tlusty?). Ouch.

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