Friday, November 07, 2008

Game Day: From Pizza to Boxed Lunches

Marty tha G., Corvo, Eaves renew acquaintances in an untelevised Friday night affair. As the Atlanta matchups in previous seasons brought forth the Heatley versus Hossa trade hindsight, so too must tonight's game remind us of the shakeup that sent Joe Corvo and Patrick Eaves to the southeast in exchange for pics of Mike Commodore making it rain in his undies.

Thru 36 games with the Canes, Corvo is 9-17-26, +3 while thru 24, Eaves is 1-6-7, -1. Although Stillman put up comparable numbers while here and Commodore was never brought in to provide offense, it worth contemplating how much worse the 2008 playoffs might have gone had these two not led the team in scoring (as impossible as that may have seemed). In retrospect, given the way the Sens season played out, the trade was not quite the equivalent of shuffling the decks on the Titanic, maybe more like stopping to pick up a couple of strong swimmers just before hitting the iceberg.

Now, in case you're wondering if the pizza days are truly done, who would've thought around February of last year that the Sens could pull off a pair of sub five-goal victories with the big three averaging barely 20 minutes a game?

Sens 4, Canes 2 (Vermette, Schubert, Alfie, Kelly), members of the Joe Corvo fan club silently weep.

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