Saturday, November 22, 2008

Early Game Day: Rangers @ SNES

Morning, all. I've not much to add on the Sens latest on-ice misfortunes, so I'll keep it brief on this "Third Jersey Saturday" and offer up a mildly Gladwellian observation: how cool a new sports jersey looks depends entirely on the performance of the team wearing it and has little or nothing to do with the color selection, historical references, lettering and other insignia (recall the Mighty Ducks / Ducks jersey transformation also accompanied a major ripening of talent in time for 06-07). If you swapped the Oilers and Jets jerseys back in the 80's which one would now look unironically cooler and which one would be just hideous?

So here's to a successful debut in the black, may it give us the illusion of size and speed. While "Back In Black" is sure to be in heavy rotation, I decided to go with the blackest of black: Chuck and Flava dropping a more appropriately titled "Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos".

Sens 2, Rangers 0 (Spezza, Alfie), while watching Redden fall down in his own end, we are reminded that although our blue line is thin, it's not scarfing up 6 million in cap space.

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