Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Game Day: This is gonna hurt a little

No team did more to expose the state of the 2007-08 Senators team defense than the Washington Capitals. In four humiliating defeats last year, the Caps outscored the Sens by a total of 10 goals. Alfie was a machine, playing his usual 25 minutes, but barely came out even on the season series in spite of his 6 points.

The six million dollar pointless wonder, Mike Fisher was a -3 against the Caps last year and it's anyone's guess whether he'll pick tonight to have a breakout game. I'd say its unlikely seeing as That Guy is back in action and could well go head to head with him. Even at almost 18 minutes a game, it's hard to notice Fisher out there. The trademark head down net drive is gone and he's been flopped around more than a 213 pounder should.

Sadly, I think November kicks off on a bad vibe. They're going with the dreaded backup goalie, and Ovie is itching to get his stats back up to pace. Caps 5, Sens 2 (Alfie, Neil), the Southeast owns us again.

In honour of tonight's battle between national capitals, and the occasion of our friends to south picking their latest preznit, we pump you up with a little Tenacious D. Feel free to give us your election picks, but try and keep the flamethrowers on safety.

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