Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cue the Burke T-shirt vendors!

Today's stories about Burke in Toronto:
The Star: 3 articles
The Sun: 3 articles
The Globe: 3 articles

Anything to distract the fans from the mess on the ice. The team has the worst GA in the league with it's entire backend under contract for next year.

Flashback to September:
For a team that ranked 26th among the 30 NHL teams last season in goals allowed (3.2 per game), learning how to prevent goals could take longer than three weeks.
"It's going to be the running theme throughout the year," Wilson said. "Guys probably won't like it, because it's the thing that no one wants to practice. But it needs to be done."
Toronto also ranked second-last on the penalty kill with a 78.1% success rate. But Wilson said he would be preaching a defence-first strategy even if he were coaching the current Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings.
"Everyone in Toronto - from the fans to the media to the players - seems to be concerned with who is going to score," Wilson said. "I'm more concerned with preventing goals."

Not Fletcher. He's brought in another career minus player in Stempiak.
Maybe Burke can sign a sibling of Jay Bouwmeester or Mike Komisarek?

UPDATE: He's everywhere! 'Burke crowned 'Dancing with the Stars' queen'

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