Thursday, April 26, 2007

The View From The Swamp

An entirely unoriginal but interesting exercise is checking out what the other team's bloggers are writing about the series. So in the spirit of fraternity and hoping to find some new blogs (the internets is huge!) here is an easily found collection of thoughts:

Kovy274Hart at the Battle of NY is not feeling too confident. He has a comprehensive preview of the series but he comes to the absolutely wrong conclusion:
Ottawa in six because this team is extremely focused and way overdue on delivering a big playoff run for Canada. They’re the best team we’ve seen so far in this ournament.
Meanwhile, Patricia Greuter at 2 Man Advantage wants to be friends,
So, the boys have Ottawa for Round 2 and it’s going to be one tough series, fo’ sho’. I’m kind of wishing for Jeff Friesen, but we’ll make do with what we have. I’m sure Zach has quite a few more tricks up his sleeve, and I’m seriously hoping for a repeat performance of Game 6 from Scott Gomez all series long. I can dream, right? Hey Ottawa blogs — don’t be strangers! We’ve met some great bloggers on Tampa’s side of the coin, and we’d love to hear from you Ottawa folk as well. Oh, and good luck to the Sens! You shall hear no predictions from me!
I'm sorry but that's not going to fly here at hte BoO land of divisive and insane comments so here is what she meant to write if her preview had not been erased:
The senasnores have no chance. Did you see them try to copy the Devils with their commitment to defence in the first round? Sorry ladies but we invented that game. Their top line of Alfredsson-Spezza-Heatley barely produced at even strength and they weren't even facing a shutdown machine like Madden-Pandolfo-Brylin. What about the powerplay? Sorry, we were the least penalized team in the NHL and our GM is called The Godfather. Don't count on any penalties geing called. Think Comrie is going to pick it up? No dice. Ask Oiler fans about how he plays when the going gets tough. And in net? Yeah, that is a bit of a mismatch. Emery made 1 save on 4 OT shots in three games last year against the Sabres and he was facing a fellow rookie. He's lining up against the greatest goalie of all time. Think he'll be nervous? A wee bit. Redden is probably having nightmares about ending up with EGG all over his face (Elias-Gionta-Gomez). Devils in 6 and only because we'll gift them two games so that the layoff isn't too long between series.
There, that is more like it. This prediction is from Mr Frisby at Frozen Fiend. He is blogging from Kentucky so let's be glad that it's not written in crayon and taped to a computer screen or we wouldn't be able to read it. (I keed!)
New Jersey Devils vs Ottawa Senators - These are not the same teams that played against each other in 2003 so let's stop talking about that, mmmkay? The Sens slaughtered the Devils 8-1 early in the season but the Devils were able to win the other three games despite injuries to key players. The EGG line seems to have returned to form and so has Broduer. The Sens proved they know how to defend by eliminating the young stars on the Penguins in five games so they will make it difficult on Gomez and Parise. Devils in 6.
The only part I disagree with is that these are not the same teams from 2003. They are, the sens will still blow in the playoffs and Brodeur might as well be a brick wall. And finally, Jean-Pierre Allard at the Most Valuable Network thinks that the sens are in for a rude awakening,
Not to disrespect the Penguins, but Ottawa is about to soon join this year’s playoffs, albeit one round en retard.
Wait, he's the sens' blogger? Wow, talk about not needing enemies with friends like those!

In all seriousness (because some of that was sarcastic), I'd like to be able to get a set of Devils' bloggers for every to check out during this series but I am too lazy to keep searching them out so when you guys (Devils' bloggers) come to the website for Ontario-based teams, leave your homepage please.

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