Friday, April 13, 2007

Playoff Memories III: Friday the 13th

I completely forgot that today was Friday the 13th so I posted the wrong video. Anyway, at least you know what to expect tomorrow in the 4th segment of this as yet undetermined number of parts series.

The 2000-2001 senators whitewashed the Leafs during the regular season. They picked up the 2nd seed in the East and relegated the Leafs to 7th. This set up a second straight meeting between the increasingly bitter rivals. In my last year of high school, a group of friends and I donned our colours, painted our faces, and made the trek to the Corel Centre. We took a lot of abuse, were featured on CBC on one of those commercial cutaways, and almost had to fight two drunks that accosted my father. But it was all worth it when we heard that distinctive pinging sound in overtime. This flashback shows why the senators asked the league to avoid scheduling a game tonight. Forget trying to cram Crosby down the US market's throat, the senators are just superstitious. They'll lose on Saturday anyway.

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