Friday, April 13, 2007


I picked up a Sens car flag on Wednesday prior to travelling to Southern Ontario yesterday. By coincidence, the rental car was red as well.

I got a few looks as I drove through Toronto. Understandable as its been a long time since anyone there has seen one of those flying this time of year.

I also was able to listen to some sports radio other than our Team1200. The FAN590 had less Leaf talk than Hockey Night in Canada did on Wednesday night.

What was really entertaining however was listening to the nuts on 550 AM from Buffalo. Those guys could talk for hours about whether Drury is awesomer than Briere or if Brian Campbell played the greatest game from a defenceman since Orr.

If the Sabres drop a game or two this series I think those announcers are going to be genuinely offended - how dare they disrupt Buffalo's march to the final.

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