Monday, April 09, 2007

Mid-'Season' Report card

First off:
Result of review: Move onto post-season.

Now to the grades for the different players/admin....

Note: Sorted by salary which is taken into consideration.

Forwards: As a group they receive a B+

Heatley, Dany A 50 goals for 2nd in the league, 4th in the league in points, carried the team when injuries hit prior to the all-star game, contract up after next year will be a major discussion point going into next fall
Spezza, Jason A Actually 5th in the league in points per game and goes into the post season the number one concern for opposition defences who in stopping Heatley basically have to stop Spezza first. His giveaways went from 93 last year to 63 this year (same gms played). Like Heatley, contract up after next year will be a major discussion point going into next fall
Alfredsson, Daniel A Another solid year from Alfie despite a slow start. I don't think he was healthy at the start as he seemed slow. 2nd in the league in +/-, adjusted to life on the first or second line depending on matchups and the play of other players around him.

Note: The cliche is that your best players have to be your best players and the Sens season backs this up. What they didn't get is improved years from the next set of players.

Schaefer, Peter C A set-back year after signing a long term contract last summer. He went from 5 to 15 to 20 goals the previous three years and fell back to 12 this one.
Comrie, Mike B Has supplied some timely goals. A positive pickup by Muckler.
Fisher, Mike B The fan favourite matched last years offensive output but failed to grab the 2nd line center spot with Alfredsson early in the year that the team had hoped for even though those two with Scheafer have turned into a nicely balanced line that can be put out against the other teams top units. Another one of the key Sens going into the final year of his contract.
Neil, Christopher B A nice season for Neil. Started the year as one of the few Sens playing better than expected but quieter in the 2nd half.
Vermette, Antoine C Given every opportunity to grab a spot on a top line, Vermette played himself to the 3rd line again. Worst +/- amongst forwards.
Eaves, Patrick C Ditto. 2nd worst +/- amongst forwards.
Kelly, Chris B Did was was expected. Played everywhere on the team.
McAmmond, Dean B Great FA signing. Provided great speed on the top line at times as well as consistent presence on the 4th line.
McGrattan, Brian B Failed to improve on his 2 goal breakthrough last season.
Schubert, Christopher A Very good season for Schubert. Would love to see him fulltime on the backend next year.

Defence: As a group they receive a B-

Redden, Wade C The 6.5 million dollar man fought through injuries and had a subpar season. The team struggled without him as you'd expect but he didn't make his presence felt when he was in the lineup.
Corvo, Joseph D Terrible in the first half. Has picked it up lately though and has gotten back on the PP as a result.
Phillips, Chris A Solid, consistent year.
Volchenkov, Anton A Hey, he made the Monster of the year list.
Meszaros, Andrej D You go froma +34 to -15? Sophmore jinx in the dictionary...
Preissing, Tom A On the other hand, +40? A very quiet season (20 hits all season) but seems to always have the angle.

Goalies: As a group they receive a B+ on the back of Emery

Gerber, Martin C Brutal start and lost a starting ride. Has played better in the second half stopping a slide to an F grade.
Emery, Ray A Exceeded all expectations and grabbed the starting role by his play as much as Gerber's failures.

Admin: As a group they receive a B-

John Muckler C Signings of Gerber and Corvo might handcuff team next year. Comrie deal under-rated. McAmmond a nice pick-up. I would have made the same decision on the Roberts trade.
Bryan Murray B He finally realized Gerber wasn't going to turn it around. His handling of the lines are still all over the place but this year it seems with a purpose.

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