Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Win Tickets

Q) There have been at least 13 players who have played for both the Atlanta Thrashers and the Ottawa Senators. Name 10 of them.

This from the Thrasher's blog. Also, in giving reasons to come to the game they write:
4. Make fun of Canada. Alright, I kid... kind of. There's a fine line to be walked when it comes to teasing the visiting Canadian teams because 12 of the 22 players on our roster are Canadian (the Senators also have 12 canucks on their roster). That being said, the video scoreboard guys always seem to find a way to get in a few nice digs when those wacky Canadian teams come down for a visit. Will we see some Canadian Bacon clips? How about Strange Brew? Maybe even some Men With Brooms- the greatest curling movie ever made.

That'll draw the crowds. I guess they've got to try something. BTW - Canuck should always be capitalized - he should know that!

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