Thursday, November 23, 2006

A plea to Bryan.

Okay. It's time. Fire Paddock.

We are now getting heckled by Leaf fans! Leaf fans!?!

David Johnson:
The good news is if the Senators keep this pace up you won't have to worry about yet another playoff early exit disappointment.

On the other hand, there are those that think otherwise. A good comment by Gee:

Everybody relax. Easier said than done (for me too!) but, firing Paddock before the next game is very reactionary.

This is essentially the same team as last year, minus Comrie and Saprykin, but with 5 more Stanley Cup rings in the room.

They were going to have a bad month. It was probably going to be February. I've been saying this since October. They rolled strong out of the gates partly because their summer was short and they never really lost their old conditioning. Who knew it was going to be this bad? Ok, yeah nobody.

Coming in first in the standings. doesn't matter. It doesn't. Really. Honest. It's WAY better to take that lead and use it to fix whatever ails you.

What ails them? The goaltending situation. It's frustrating as hell to watch. But it's not the only issue, and it's not as bad as it feels after two blowout losses.

We have lots of time for either of these two goaltenders to get hot by end-of-season. Both have been in the SC final before. Both are in good health. This is a

If they can string together a few wins despite the not great goaltending, the team is going to get stronger. The goaltending is gonna get better too, and finally, the d-men will be able to work within one system (not, for Ray I do this and for Gerbs I do that...)

About that: Saturday's game was important because it showed an ability to beat a hot, loaded team in the East, to come back, and to find a way to win (thank you Alfie). These two losses are alarming, but making a coaching change based on those two losses it probably a little hasty. I know it's not JUST based on that, but c'mon. This is a team in second in the east.

The role guys, the veteran SC/leadership guys in the room, have not had a time to become strong enough in the locker room yet. This will change by mid-March or so. This team is going to be a lot cooler and a lot more confident come playoffs.

The Sens need 23 more wins this season to win the Stanley Cup. Only 7 of those need to be in the next 5 weeks (18 games). Extra wins? They don't count.

So there you have it. Fire him or don't. Just win baby.

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