Friday, May 05, 2006

Some keys for the Sens

1. Patience.
The Senators need fewer chances to score than the Sabres. Forwards or tandems like Havlat and Fisher/Schaefer or Spezza and Heatley can create goals while the third forward plays conservatively and ensures no odd man rush is available the other way.

2. Alfredsson
I was on his back a little in the first series as he didn't produce like he can. If he can step up his game while still being on the 'third' line then I think Buffalo is in for a world of hurt. If he doesn't create opportunities then I will again call for him to be moved up with Heatley and Spezza to allow our best player to be that.

3. Special teams
Duh. Just to say here that the Sens only need to keep pace with any Sabre production. They were both very good on the PK and PP during the regular season with the only real difference being Ottawa's 25 SHG vs Buffalo's 10. (Buffalo allowed 17 SHG while Ottawa allowed 11).

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