Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hasek To Dress Tonight?

Sounds like a coaching stunt if the rumours stemming from this Garrioch column are true.

"He could probably play if he had to," said Senators coach Bryan Murray, whose team shockingly lost both opening games at home and trails the series 2-0. "It appears he is able to do everything. He stopped the puck a lot and so we'll see."

Hasek, 41, who has been sidelined with an adductor muscle injury since Feb. 15 at the Olympics, was going down in practice and giving it a good test.

"I feel like a goalie again," said Hasek. "I am the closest I have been. I can do everything. I can go up and down. I can jump and I can move around."

A bit of bait to get the media babbling about something other than Alfie's playoff grit? Do they need a ring on the bench that badly?

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