Monday, February 06, 2006

Week before Turino

It's a busy week for the teams heading into the Olympic break....

Feb 6 2006, Mon HOME Penguins
Feb 8 2006, Wed AWAY Rangers
Feb 9 2006, Thu HOME Thrashers
Feb 11 2006, Sat HOME Flyers

Feb 7 2006, Tue HOME Thrashers
Feb 10 2006, Fri AWAY Rangers
Feb 11 2006, Sat HOME Rangers



  1. When does CAN play their first game?

  2. Both Teams are playing against some pretty strong teams. Should be interesting to see the outcome. It's a crucial time for the Leafs if they want to stay in the playoff hunt, winning these games will go a long way to solidify their playoff berth.

  3. How cool would it be if Canada played the Czechs and Spezza injured Hasek by crashing the net?

  4. When was the last time Spezza crashed the net? Any net with any goaltender? I don't think Hasek has to worry about Spezza.

  5. maybe Hossa will take out McCabe's cool would that be 5-0?

  6. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea between now and the playoffs for the Sens to figure out how to consistently win tight games.

    Hell, beating Pittsburgh 2-1 would be more convincing than another blowout.

  7. Duff, does it hurt being that serious all the time?

    Like anonymous said, I don't think Hasek has anything to worry about!