Sunday, February 26, 2006

Leafs Win Olympic Battle of Ontario.

Congratulations to team Sweden. Perhaps this victory will give Mats some jump now?

Leaf Medal winners:

Mats Sundin (gold)
Mikael Tellqvist (gold)

Aki Berg (yes Aki Berg!) (silver)

Tomas Kaberle (Bronze)

Senators Medal Winners:

Daniel Alfredsson (gold)
Dominik Hasek (bronze) - does he get a medal? He did leave early after all.


  1. I've been saying all along that Aki Berg isn't as bad of a defensemen as many make him out to be. He played defense on a silver medal team which only gave up 8 goals in 8 games. Of course I don't expect the Toronto media to ever give him his due respect but I will once again state that he is a decent defenseman capable of playing 5th/6th defenseman role on a top team in the Olympics and in the NHL.

  2. I agree that Berg's not that bad. When he came back from being hurt earlier this year, he was an obvious step up from the other guys (aside from McCaberle, obviously).

    The problem is that he is a solid 5th or 6th defenceman, but in Toronto he's pretty clearly number 3. That's why 1 & 2 end up playing 30+ mins per game.

  3. Klee is Toronto's #3 defenseman. Here are the Leafs defense in ice time per game of the Leafs experienced 5.

    McCabe 28:12
    Kaberle 28:03
    Klee 20:10
    Khavanov 17:50
    Berg 15:43

    I think that is just about where Berg should be. The real problem was when McCabe got injured and Klee was asked to play 25-28 minutes per game. At this point in Klee's career he isn't capable of that kind of ice time.

    FYI, here is the rookies ice times:

    Harrison 18:50
    Wozniewski 18:25
    Colaiacovo 15:26
    Kronwall 12:57

  4. Berg still sucks.

  5. I'd rather have Berg playing Klee's minutes.

  6. Battle of Ontario notes:
    Alfredsson 5 goals on 15 shots, 10 pts, tied in 2nd scoring
    Sundin 3 goals on 27 shots, 8 pts, tied in 6th scoring

    ...and according to Mats Naslund as quoted in today's Ottawa Sun "To me, Alfredsson has been our best player"

  7. You'd be lucky if Sundin got any jump, because the rest of the Leafs are horrible...

  8. Marian Hossa: 5 goals, 10 points, +9
    Dany Heatley: 2 goals, 3 points, +1

  9. McCabe 18 PIMs and team worst -3

  10. Don, Redden was a useless tit out there. None of Canad's D played well but Redden stood out as he would bring the puck up to Canada's Blue line then just stop & look for a player and eventually give it up?

    It wasn't the best effort from Canada but shit happens and we have to move on. We lost to some really good teams, other countries are getting as good as we are so thats something we'll have to deal with. We're still the #1 hockey country in the world.

  11. And Alfredsson has been quoted as saying the best player he's ever played with is Mats Sundin...

    Who cares anyways...
    Canada lost.

  12. ...because of McCabe.

    If Phillips was there Canada would have won for sure.

  13. If Phillips was there Canada would have won for sure.

    Yeah, as if not having Phillips on the team is why the Canadian offense was so inept.

  14. I would take Phillips, he's a solid Defensive Defenseman. Doesn't make a lot of mistakes but doesn't stand out. Just a solid defenseman. None of Canada's D men played well, the team didn't Gel.

    I think the only good part of Canada's Team was Brodeur and Luongo.