Thursday, February 16, 2006

All Together Now... Hasek Inured In Olympic Opener

UPDATE: It's an adductor injury, or a fancy name for groin strain.

UPDATE 2: Following the train of thought here, I'd like to point out the German Women's goaltending tandem has a better save percentage than Ray Emery. Just sayin'.


  1. cmcmurtry, mid-november:
    "Why people seem to be sure Dominik Hasek will most definitely be seriously injured this season is beyond me."

    Every time that groin acts up, the discussion about Ottawa getting another backup we were having here seems a little more prescient. I think Mirtle started it off, too, natch. Anyhow, should the Sens start being nervous? Should the club have been looking for a backup around the last time or two this topic came up?

  2. Oh come on, Hasek will never get injured, past injuries are just that they will never come back!! HAHAHA

    Well it'll be interesting to see what will happen with Hasek and whether teams will try and exploit the injury if they can?

    Do all you Sens fans feel comfortable with Hasek out and Ray Emery and Jeff Glass as your goaltending tandem??

    Maybe you can try and trade for Cujo or Belfour?

  3. Except that it looks like Hasek's not out for long -- they were saying 30-40% chance he'd be back for the Olympics as of last night. The release this morning sounds like he's more worried about coming back too early and aggravating it.

    Besides, you can't easily stock starting goaltenders in this league like Detroit used to. If your starter gets hurt, you're in trouble. And as starters go, Hasek's amongst the best.

    The real goaltending problem is with regards to the future. Glass has potential as a big game goalie but he's still coming along.

  4. He's out for long enough to have come back to Ottawa (last I heard), and miss the rest of the Games. Which isn't really the point. If he mends, and then gets hurt again in the playoffs, or two days after the trade deadline, one of the year's standout teams is suddenly boned. And he is in his 40s- fellow Leafs fans know the vague unease of relying on a goalie older than our Cup-less streak.
    Bidding war between Edmonton and Ottawa for...?

  5. Look, there's three types of goaltenders you can make a trade for:

    1 + Unproven and cheap
    2 + Proven and expensive
    3 + Proven but with a history of injury and/or past their prime.

    Cujo, Belfour and Hasek are both #3. Except of course that Hasek has actually been the one playing when his team wins.

    We have a decent in cat. 1 in Emery (and a real elite prospect in Glass), and probably the best in cat 3. Would it be nice to have a cat 2 as well? Sure. Is it going to happen this year? I don't see how.

    A rental goalie is a possibility I guess, but how much of next year's team is insurance worth?