Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OK, Now who do we cheer for?

By The Meatriarchy

First of all that was a pretty decent game. I would love to see a 7 game series between the Canadian and Russian teams. It would be hockey at its finest.

Perhaps a reprise of the 72 series is in order.

Now the question: Who do I want to win the gold medal?

Not the Czechs because, well. I still haven't forgotten Nagano

Not the Russians because, well, their the Russians!

Slovakia? With Zdeno Chara and Satan? Forget it!

Finland? Not a bad one. Plus Finland came second in the World Cup so they are definitely a contender. And they have the coolest names.

Sweden? I love the look of this team. But they have Alfredsson. Then again they also have Sudnin and Tellqvist. Hmm

Finland or Sweden and I would be happy.

I guess.


  1. I suppose you weren't cheering for Canada either because they had Heatly and Redden.You Leaf fans are such idiots(just kidding too!)

  2. Well, the ultimate would have been watching Canada dismantle Hasek, but that hasn't quite been how things have unfolded.

  3. I'm going for Sweden now...and you should be thankful Alfie is there...maybe he can stop Sundin from harpooning some poor fan with his stick.

  4. Spezza is even slower than all the "big and slow" guys that were already playing.

    He wouldn't have done a thing.

  5. I cheered for Heatley and Redden and would have gladly rooted for Spezza, who is an amazing player to watch. Once they're back in Ottawa, it's a different story.

    I'm hoping Sweden does it, if only so Mats Sundin acquires the taste for champagne on his jersey. The Finns look sharp so they'd be my second pick. I never cheer for Russia and the Czechs winning so soon after 98 would really grate.

  6. With Finland leading Russia 3-0 after 2 periods it looks like of all the Senators to go to the Olympics only Alfredsson made it to the finals. This is just the latest example of Ottawa players failing to deliver success when it matters most.

    Meanwhile, should Finland hold on to the win, 3 Leaf players will be in the finals (Sundin, Tellqvist and Berg).

    I think the only logical conclusion is that the real problem with Team Canada was that it had Heatley, Redden and Spezza (taxi sqaud) on it. That's just too many Senator players.