Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Leafs Go For Gold

If, like my co-blogger Meatriarchy, you caught the third period of last nights game, you would have had the rare opportunity to observe the less appreciated members of Toronto's Turin hopeful. While Antropov, Kaberle, Berg, Sundin and Tellqvuist are part of the team's international presence, Canada will be well represented by Brian McCabe in the 400 m Can Opener...

...and Darcy Tucker in Interpretive Diving

Do us proud, lads!


  1. Don't forget "Eddie the Eagle" as he sores er "soars back" to earth.There's Quinn and Fergie on the 2 man Loogie(Brokeback style)and "Double Lutz Domi" Bob Coleslaw would say...That's gotta be it....over to you 5-0

  2. Your grade 2 sentence formation says it all Duff...

    No comment required on my part.

  3. Ahh the poor Sens, the whole world is against them. AHHH!!!

    I think last night proves it all, if Hasek isn't on top of his game then the Sens show their real talent. Hasek is the team.

    The Sens fans are to proud/ignorant to give credit to the leafs players who made the team. By making fun of them they think they know better than the guy's running the team, but they aren't big hockey minds, who picked the team again? Gretzky, Quinn, Martin, meh they aren't very good at their Jobs?

    Next they'll be saying Canada won't win cause McCabe is there.

    Put your partisanship aside and cheer for Canada!

  4. 'The Sens fans are to proud/ignorant to give credit to the leafs players who made the team'

    First off, it's wise to make sure your spelling/grammar is nearly correct within 3 words of calling people ignorant.

    Secondly, that statement doesn't really seem to be in the spirit of your "Put your partisanship aside (...)" line. Bush and Yoda, the great uniters.

    Oh, and 'Wearing your heart on your sleeve' and 'Giving 200%' are cliches that sound great but don't really mean a whole lot. If you ever see a guy with his heart on his sleeve, call 911.

    Sorry, but that's just the way I see it. I wasn't criticizing your point that the Sens could use more heart, though I didn't find it terribly original or insightful, truth be told.

  5. Here's another unoriginal cliche geeiwonder...

    Sens knocked out of playoffs due to lack of heart/grit throughout lineup.

    Although, If you put Alfie's 110% and Spezza's 10% together you'd have a pretty gritty player!

  6. Yeah, they got clocked again last night. That does nothing to help my mood. Neither does the media jumping all over this whole gambling debacle. I'm convinced the timing is no accident.

    Missing the playoffs though? Do you really think so?

    All that said, I agree with the sentiment of Yoda's post (at least near the end).

    Go Team Canada!

  7. No... "knocked out" of the playoffs!

    They're too good to miss the playoffs!

  8. Canada won't win because McCabe is there....Go Canada Go!

  9. Geeiwonder, honestly, because it may be a cliche doesn't mean it ain't true. I could probably put it into more technical terms if you want. I just thought that the Sens fans have pretty small brains so I would put it in a way that you's might understand.

    The Sens need a guy like Gary Roberts who is going to play with a intensity that will motivate his team. The Sens don't have anyone to do that and that is why they won't win the cup or will have a very hard time doing so. They also will with all their fans and Media jumping all over them cause they are in a slump. You can't win every game people, it's hockey no team has and no team ever will.