Monday, January 23, 2006

Stop Whistling "Sweet Georgia Brown"

The Slaughter of Ontario continues tonight. Was it just me, or for a fleeting moment on Saturday night, did anyone else actually feel the slightest tinge of pity for the blue glitter-wigged pilgrims of Leaf Nation as they shifted in their seats, contemplating the long, cold, joyless drive back to Cobourg or Kingston or Peterborough? While geography condemns me to watching Blues / Canucks instead of Oilers / Flames or New York Nationals Leafs / Sens, I'll flipping around the dial to see how the other territorial battles are shaping up.

Consider this an Election / Hockey Night In Canada open thread. Post political broadsides, suicide hotline requests, personal hygiene issues, etc. as you wish.


  1. I felt pity. Then I remembered that we still have to beat them in the playoffs. Or better yet, stop them from getting there all together.

    I'd like to see a good game tonight. Walk overs are fun every once and awhile, but it's starting to be like watching a Globetrotters game. I wonder what the odds of a Leaf win are in Vegas? Might be worth a few bucks.

    Injuries or not, they need to come out flying tonight to have any claim of 'heart' or 'pride' left.

    Some quality quotes:

    "The Battle of Ontario resumes tonight -- Uh, can you still call it a Battle when only one team is battling?" - Colleen Jones

    "The annual battle of Ontario has become a one-sided affair." -

    "It is no disgrace for the Leafs to visit Ottawa and lose to the Senators. Only five teams have done otherwise this season.
    But it is a disgrace to lose by lopsided scores and it's even a surprise to Murray."
    -- Toronto Sun

    "Lately, though, the alley, the ice and everything in between has belonged to the Senators" -- Toronto Star

    "If we keep playing like this, we're not going to make the playoffs. It's as simple as that." - Matt Sundin

    "What do you mean get back to work? Can't you see I'm posting here?" -- GeeIwonder

  2. Matt Sundin is, of course, Mats' evil twin. :)

  3. I hear Paul Martin may be looking to coach a new team...

  4. i'm cheering for one group of boys in blue, while hoping another group with blue as their colour fails.....

    I think by the end of the night, my wrists will be red....