Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rumour du Jour

By The Meatriarchy

From Hockey Leaks:

From a very good source : " The Leafs have acquired defenseman Jamie Rivers from Detroit for a conditional draft pick. This is all pending a physical."
- No media outlets are reporting it yet, though it has been mentioned on Mojo Radio I have been told. Not sure I like this move by the Leafs, as Rivers is no better than Brad Brown, who the Leafs already have.

He also has a couple of more up there (which he says are very speculative) including this one:

"I've been hearing whispers floating around that the Leafs are about to pull the trigger on a deal that would send Shane Doan and Curtis Joseph to Toronto in exchange for Jason Allison, Nik Antropov, Jay Harrison and a 5th rd pick. Another rumour I've heard is Belfour to Edmonton for Steve Staios."


Meanwhile on The Fan this morning Stellick and Landry were musing on the future of Sundin and would he be traded.

My feeling is that Mats could very well be moved if the offer was right. But it would have to be a good offer and not a salary dump.

Update: David Johnson says talk of trading Sundin is pure nonsense.


  1. TO doesn't have much of what anyone wants right now. That, and they need picks.

    A 4-or-more player trade for a star might make some sense for a team like TML and helps to bring in some real change, but they have to be cheap and relatively young. And, not to be blunt or anything, but the other team has to want them.

    Staios for Belfour? Hah! Belfour's gonna go for picks soon.

  2. Anyone have any opinions on if Joseph will play well here? Is that just some Arizona mojo going on?
    And I hate hearing the old Leaf refrain of trading picks to try and salvage a crap season/make a playoff run/help Quinn keep his job. I know no-one's talked about 1st rounders, but lose 2 more and we'll see...

  3. Interesting that Edmonton acquired Tarnstrom and Spacek today which gives them more depth on defense possibly making Staios more tradable.