Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Need a nickname

Announced today:
The name of the Ottawa Senators' home arena will be changed to Scotiabank Place later this week as part of an agreement signed between Canada's second-largest bank and the NHL club.

We'll call it 'The Vault'. Oh, and we can call the beer vendors 'Tellers'.

Sorry - you'll have to come up with something better.....


  1. What a terrible name. No character at all, but I guess thats a good fit for the team that plays there

  2. How about we call it "The Moneypit".

  3. I haven't even started typing yet, and I don't like the direction this is taking. Something about "withdrawal" (could refer to the end of the hockey strike ...) and, umm, "deposits". I told ya I didn't like the direction it was taking.

  4. Duff Wormburner1/11/2006 7:29 p.m.

    How about home of the Stanley Cup Champions!....I'm lovin' it....

  5. groan now if they go over the cap we will have to listen to all the "original" sports reporters making jokes about being overdrawn or not having over-draft protection.

    Or if the Sens lose a game they'll say they were working "Bankers hours"

  6. What a terrible name. No character at all,

    oh... and "Air Canada Centre" or "Pepsi Center" or "GM Place" or "Phillips Arena" or "RBC Center" have MORE character?

    Corporate name-plates are just characterless to begin with... "Corel Centre" was no better. It's just unfortunate all the venues have just become advertising fodder for these big corps...

  7. Screw 'unfortunate'. If it keeps my ticket price down, I'm sold.

    Let's not kid ourselves - we're not talking about the purity or integrity or goodness of sport here. It's an entertainment industry with millionaire actors and unions and the rest of it. Hollywood on ice.

    If you want purity, go down to the local hockey rink and watch a pick-up game of people who just play because they love to play.

    I'm just wondering where the 'service fees' will be added.

  8. Home of the Stanley Cup Champs? Guess I missed the parade in downtown Ottawa?

  9. Duff wormburner1/12/2006 5:50 p.m.

    That's because you were looking for the "clowns" on Yonge street Yoda.....

  10. Today's Ottawa Sun has a short list of various nicknames, such as "The Hanger" for the ACC (really?), "The Vault" for TDBankNorth, etc. Unfortunately, I don't have the full list in front of me, and I don't find a copy of the list online on their website.

  11. senators and banks.....hmmm....I got it. The Virgin Islands.