Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sens 4 Leafs 3

by The Meatriarchy

No matter how you slice it at the end of the day the Sens walk away with two points. Certainly the effort was better but it was hard to tell if the Leafs played that much better or if the Sens were toying with them. Certainly looked that way when it was 4-1.

Sundin finally played a decent game. When he plays well he is visible and so obviously faster than those around him.

Colaiacovo - that was the scariest thing I have seen in sometime. When he hit the boards head first I thought he had broken his neck.

Domi had a goal and a fight (sorta). But all I could think of as he squared off with Neil was that bald spot on the back of his head that made him look even older.

Wellwood - hell of a move to slice through the Ottawa defense and then score. If he gets more ice time he might just start converting more of these chances. And the rumours say he might just be getting it as various sources say that Jason Allison is the trade bait the Leafs are dangling right now.

Other rumours have Belfour on the block with a variety of goalers coming this way including Joseph or Nabokov. Also Brian Leetch's name has surfaced. I would love to have Leetch back. It would give the Leafs a much better defense core and we are overstocked with natural centers so it makes sense that one would be traded. Barrett Jackman of the Blues is still being mentioned as a possible defenseman the Leafs would be interested in.

Oh and any one who watched the game can agree on one thing: the officiating was atrocious.


  1. The Refs were bloody horrible! I could not understand half the calls. It was so one sided I couldn't believe it. What was with the Redden penalty/no penalty. They give him one, put him in the box, then let him out?

    Maybe they're just doing that for his coming out of the closet act that I'm sure he's about to perform.

  2. Much better effort by the Leafs last night... They're still making some glaring mistakes but if they continue to play that way the confidence will come and with that, points in the win column!

    You gotta love Domi. He's is obviously past his prime in terms of fighting and has never had a scoring touch but his relentless tenacity trickles down onto to those around him...
    He bleeds blue and white when he puts on that jersey and he'll always one of my favorites based on that alone... He did a pretty good job fighting Neil with a bum shoulder! (have you ever seen Domi fight and not throw one of his pattented left haymakers?)

    I can't stand watching Allison play hockey... while he does put up the points and he does have a good hockey sense about him, he almost always looks like he's hurting just trying to skate up the ice. If the Leafs want to be able to challenge more talented teams like Ottawa they will need more speed, and he definitely doesn't have it!

    There are several key move the Leafs should/could make, but if it's available, they should do everything in their power to get a tough/defensive guy like Jackman!

  3. Nabakov would be awesome too...

    Is SJ actually looking at getting rid of him?

  4. The officiating has sucked all year. And no, I'm not biased towards the Leafs - I think that the officiating in general, right across the league has been piss poor, amateurish, and unacceptable.

  5. The Leafs were blown away 7-0 by the Sens.The Sens had no pp goals.So don't whine about the refs.The Leafs are still playing in the old NHL(1967?)as well as you Leaf fans.
    Get over it.Welcome to the real world of salary caps and budgets.The Sens competed with you Buds on a fraction of your budget.Time to spend some bucks on some scouts.ps.yop are about to be cherry picked...waaaaaaaaaa

  6. I was at the game last night, sitting behind a disgruntled (and drunk) Leafs fan, who had a hate onm for Sundin. His best line of the night by far was:



  7. I went to the game on Saturday and watched the game on monday.

    I'm finding that there's enough room now to stretch out my legs on the Leafs wagon, and quite frankly, I like it.

    Sorry Adam, but the Leafs will NOT trade Mats Sundin (we are not Boston), and right now the market value for Belfour has gotta be...lets see, 40 year old goalie making $4.56 million for this year and next, everybody wants one of those right? I don't mean to sound condescending, I'm just easily upsetable right now. 6 games in a row and behind Atlanta really sucks.

    How 'bout they trade for one top line scoring defencemen? I think they have a good trade in the works called "a couple of weeks" in exchange for "Bryan McCabe".

    If the injury bug continues, I can see the playoffs being a problem for the Leafs.

    Of course, the playoffs are a while away, things happen, knees get taken out, Haseks go down. It's a Sens fans worst nightmare, and everyone is waiting for that shoe to drop.

    Good luck until April.

  8. Imagine Chara or Redden in TO -- sacrilege!
    I'm not sure it would ever happen but Ottawa's gonna have a hard time hanging on to both of those guys under any reasonable cap. They're gonna have to really want to play in Ottawa. I still see Pitt or some other young-loaded team with lots of cap room & looking for a defensive vet picking one of them up before TML though.

    Belfour could go to someplace like Vancouver if the Leafs can't turn things around. A veteran for the playoffs would be nice.

  9. Duff, my complaints about the refs have nothing to do with the Leaf losses. As I mentioned, I think the reffin' has been attrocious throughout the entire leage this year.

    Leafs winning or losing, I still would like to be entertained with some f**king good ol' hockey. The officiating has sucked - not just for the Leafs, but for everyone. I sure as hell ain't blaming the Leaf's woes on the officials - I'm saying that regardless of the Leafs' woes, it has sucked.

  10. I don't think I want "good ol' hockey" if that means returning to last years clutch & grab garbage.

    The officiating has been awful only in that it has been very inconsistent, and dives are not called when they happen.

    Antropov dove like a sissy last game, for example, and should have been called.