Thursday, October 27, 2005

Take a moment to watch the highlights

If you didn't see Spezza's winning overtime goal tonight, make time to see it.


Oh, and the Spezza-Alfie-Heatley PP goal - smooth.


  1. great game to watch.This is a better rivalry because of the skill of the two teams.There is no time for the goon show when the game is this fast.The Habs fans have more class than the leaf fans.They know good hockey when they see it....

  2. Unbelievable goal!

    Right up there with Corey Perry's goal from the pre-season.

  3. This cracks me up!

    You think you know good hockey when you see it!

    You've been watching the deathly boring Senators transition hockey for the past 8 years (thanks to J.Martin). All of a sudden you get an offensive minded coach and you think you understand good, open hockey?

    The Leafs came from the western conference, play an offensive but gritty game, and have a coach (like him or not) who is widely known for imposing offensive styles on his teams!

    Has anyone other than the Thrashers actually "gooned" it up this year anyways?

  4. I will type slowly for you 5 o because as a leaf fan you probably are confused with all this "action" on the ice.I said the Habs fans (Montreal Canadians)know good hockey when they see it.They are somewhat in the know on that subject,what with all them cups they have.Go Sens Go!!!!!