Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bring It On!

Posted by The Meatriarchy

Ok Ottawa fans your team's first big test is upon you. This is the year for the Sens right? After cruising through the exhibition and beating up on AHL goalies and rookies with your team already set you get to face a real opponent tonight.

Not to worry though, only the most die hard Leafs fans are predicting good things for this team. No one it seems is willing to go on record as having this team even make the playoffs - that's right the team that when last played had 103 points will somehow mysteriously drop by about 6-9 spots in the standings. In the fantasy world of the Leaf haters we are the new Washington Capitals.

So for your team this has to be one of the "easy" two pointers. I mean after all you are supposed to win the Cup this year. Your team is stacked with young stars whilst your opponent has put together a team on the cheap with a bunch of oft injured has-beens. And now half of the defense core has come up lame in the past 24 hours.

Toronto this year should be like what it used to be when Tampa and Florida were the laughing stock of the conference. Fly-in, catch some zz's, do some shopping, make sure Hasek doesn't get into the mini-bar, trounce the opposition, fly home again.

Easy right?

I figure anything less than 8-0 or if they score a lucky goal late in the game 8-1 should be a good final score from a team that makes the Hab's of the 70's look like an expansion team.

Cause even if this game is close, what does it say about your boys in Black and Gold? That they could barely beat a team that isn't supposed to make any noise this year?

And what will it say about your beloved Sens if they somehow manage to lose the game tonight? They can't even beat a team that one Toronto Sun writer refers to as "the geriatric squad"?

Oh it is going to be difficult to be a Sens fan this year.


  1. There are two ways of looking at things.

    One, you can be a fan that is conservative in their cheering when things are looking up for the team. Preface your predictions with things like 'you never know in sports' or 'strange things happen in the playoffs'. This might get you some slack from others if in fact your team doesn't go all the way.

    My choice is to go all-in. Only then, when the Senators do win the cup, will the victory taste the sweetest.

    Prediction for tonights game - 5-2 Sens

  2. I think that 8-1 prediction won't be too far off, and I commend you for being so bold as to make it. Its really nice to see a Leafs fan make a real attempt at being objective for a change.


  3. I'll actually hand this one game over to the Leafs -- as often happens when an elite team comes to town, the home side steps it up for fear of being completely humiliated.

    5-3 Leafs (with an empty-netter). But that's all the scraps you're getting this year.

  4. The Leafs win two games of the season series, but it won't be tonight.

    Ottawa gets its revenge on Belfour:

    5 - 1 Sens.

  5. OK enough bashing of the Leafs by Leafs fans. You have to have a bit of Optimism, I'm A Penguins fan and I've been living in the shitter for a few years but I've never given up on my team or said anything bad about them.

  6. I'm glad I found this blog.

    Its going to be a fun year for Sens's fans.

    6-2 Senators.

  7. OK, 3-2. But what a helluva game.