Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Silver linings

So, we lost to the Hurricanes.

After putting the cruise control on after the 2-0 lead and then finding themselves down in the third, the Sens put the machine back into gear and peppered Gerber with 24 shots in the final frame. They couldn't get one by him though and "the dream of the undefeated season" is over - thanks for that Bruce.

Making the night worse, the Leafs finally won a shootout and picked up two points. Looking for something to cheer me up, I find this....

1. A loss to Carolina might help them beat out Toronto for the last playoff spot come springtime.
UPDATE: Mirlte's take on the Canes - hint - he predicted them to make the playoffs.

2. Damien Cox this morning:
Most conveniently for the Leafs, meanwhile, the "new" NHL also allows you to play really, really lousy and win.
The Leafs followed up a solid first period by allowing 44 shots in the succeeding 45 minutes of play. They took the final six penalties of the night, playing 7:22 of the final 10:10 shorthanded, and every single call was a good one.
I mean, Ken Klee, c'mon. You hook a guy under the arms on a clear breakaway, you're lucky to get only a minor. Egging the fans on by pretending you did nothing wrong won't make the referees your friend.
Along the way the Leafs also blew their 13th lead of the season in only their ninth game and saw Belfour allow two awful goals.

That feels better.


  1. Did Damien Cox ever watch the NHL before this season? Does he really think a team that was outplayed, even badly, never won in pre-lockout NHL? What is wrong with this jackass?

  2. The Sens aren't going to have a perfect season and Damien Cox is finding bad things to point out about the Leafs. What is going to happen next? Pigs are going to start flying and hell is going to freeze over? Seriously, do we really need to regurgiate the crap main stream media spews out on these blogs.

  3. If the crap is dissing the Leafs - yes.

  4. Heck, Carolina could even win that terrible division they're in and then wouldn't be in a battle for eighth anymore.

  5. I twon't be long before Hasek goes down with a groin injury...

    Then we'll see who's battling for a playoff spot!

  6. What's that creaking sound I hear?

    Eddie Belfour's back.

  7. Here is the pulse.

    Here is Damien Cox's finger, far from the pulse, jammed directly up his ass.

    That really is an extraordinarily singular find, though, a Cox column where he's pessimistic about the Leafs. Talk about rare gems. I mean, that's so unusual. So odd. I don't think I've ever read a Leaf-ripping column by Cox before.


    Well, maybe 200 times a year.