Monday, October 24, 2005

More on McCabe

Is he one of these defencemen that you either think he is highly over-rated or you think like Leetch?

"I think (McCabe) can win the Norris Trophy and he's the best player I've played with in my career as a partner," Leetch told the Star. "I was hoping that I would be able to play with him and help him gain that distinction and have a small part in it, but he obviously didn't need me because he's on his way anyway."

Hat-tip to Hockey Hearsay.


  1. Why would he be over-rated?

    He never gets the attention Redden gets yet he always puts up similar/better numbers.

    He doesn't have the same solid defensive squad to back him up like Redden does yet his numbers are always similar.

    He doesn't play for a team who's always tops in the league in goal for, yet his numbers are always similar.

    The difference is, McCabe fights, lays big hits and is a much better team leader.

    Redden is the over-rated one!

  2. I must agree with five-o here. McCabe is a underated defenseman in the league. He's a solid player with strong Offensive and Defensive skills.

    Redden is way over-rated for me, he's not very solid defensivly, good outlet pass maker. He only gets those numbers because of the team he's on.

  3. I posted an article on my blog about the top 10 offensive defensemen and Chris McMurty calls me anti-Sens/pro-Leafs for not having Redden on the list. But Redden has never been in the top 10 in scoring among defensemen ever and yet he has always played on one of the most offensive teams. Redden is a very good defenseman but McCabe is better and McCabe contributes with a level of physical play that Redden does not. Some thought the new rules might hurt McCabe but in fact they may help him because now he might be more focused on playing smart and not being overly aggressive.

  4. It's October...I like Bryan buts let's give this all some time.