Thursday, January 13, 2011


Normally a game between the Leafs and the NHL-owned Coyotes in January wouldn't be a big deal. A late game that you may or may not finish watching depending on the score.

This one is a little bit more special.

I'll be sitting in the arena 8 rows behind the Leafs bench!
Wearing my newly minted Luke Schenn home jersey.
Probably a bit drunk.

Last year I decided to embark on a lifelong quest to see the Leafs play in all 30 NHL cities. Since then I've seen the them in Chicago, Philadelphia, the new Penguins arena and now tonight in Phoenix. I'm gunning for 2-3 rinks a year.

But there has been a slight problem so far.
I've never seen them win away from the ACC...

This shouldn't be surprising considering this team over the past two years have lost more than they've won, but I must admit it would be really nice to walk out with my head held high for a change. Also, I'm guessing the fans in Phoenix won't ride me if we do lose like they did on Philly and Pittsburgh.

In other BoO news, the Senators and Islanders will play tonight. Apparently THM is now rooting for the Isles and hopes the Sens lose every game for the rest of the year. Of course, now that a few kids have been called up, including the Sens so-called goalie of the future Lehner, we'll see if that changes his tune or the tune of Sens fans in general. If you want to see the Sens lose and get a higher draft pick it means your kid Lehner will have to let in a lot of goals. Does this leave you all a little conflicted? Could this ruin the teenager? Corey Locke, also called up, I wouldn't worry about. He's been in the AHL for like 7 years I think? Surely if there was any NHL talent to be ruined, he would have been invited to the NHL to have it ruined before now.

Go Leafs and in fact Go Sens (I have to root against THM, naturally!)

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