Monday, January 10, 2011

Draft position

With both the Senators and Bruins Leafs in draft-lottery positions, it's a good time to have a look at today's NHL Central Scouting rankings which placed Swedish defensive prospect Adam Larsson in the number 1 spot. Larsson is said to be better than Hedman is now. That is saying a lot.

The Bruins Leafs currently sit at 4th position and the Senators at 5th position in the draft. (Yeah, the Battle of Ontario is that awesome this year.)

According to (prior to the NHL's release), Larsson is slated to go at #4 - right where the Leafs Bruins would pick were the draft held today. Perhaps the NHL & mynhldraft are making a nice little prognostication and suggesting the Leaf Bruins will be picking Larsson first overall?

Other stuff for our rapidly decreasing post frequency:

Kovalev out with a knee injury which is suspected to have occurred several games ago. May this be the guy's built in excuse for doing little on ice? Perhaps it's why Clouston hasn't benched him.

Mike Fisher is apparently plaing with an injury (as is Alfie, but he's the man of steel), but Fish should play against the fellow lottery pick Leafs Bruins.

Jim O'Brien has been called up to fill Kovalev's skates.  So if he stands on a faceoff dot and does fuck all, it will have been a seamless transition.    

Don Brennan asks a good question (yes.... I wrote that).  "Why not [AHL leading scorer] (Corey) Locke?"

Lehner up, Lehner down. This guy is the team's bouncing ball.

Speaking of balls, it's go time.

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