Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's freezing here. Leafs even colder.

I'm back from my month in Southeast Asia.

Great month for me. Doesn't look like it's been very good for the Leafs, or, injury-wise, for the Sens. Anybody left on that team?

Anyway, I had an incredible time these last 31 days and a depleted bank account and tanned face to show for it, but this whole 34C to -14C in a day isn't easy. If the Leafs had somehow actually made up some ground while I was gone maybe it would have helped ease the pain. Can't have it all, I suppose.

So lets hope that my return somehow sparks the Leafs and they beat the Pens tonight. For some reason Toronto has their number lately, so if Kessel and co can pull one off I won't take ALL the credit. It would warm things up for me a little though.

Now, better go out and chip the ice off my walkway and sidewalk before some douchebag sues me for slipping in front of my house. God I miss the beach. Almost as much as I missed hockey while I was away!

Good to be back.


Have at 'er!

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