Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Anyone for a refreshment?

Ok, so it's been pretty quiet around here these past several days.  In recognition of this, I give you the following video for your blogging pleasure with more after the jump:

Now then, let's relate that video to the BoO, shall we?

Two singers, two teams. Paul Simon is to Art Garfunkle as the Ottawa Senators are to the Toronto Maple Leafs; Paul Simon being the much more successful of the two over the years, staying generally consistent with a few lapses and a few great successes. And then there's Art Garfunkle: lacking the talent of Simon, flashier hair, much whineyer voice, self inflating and perpetually sucking Simon's left (and hairiest) testicle, but eventually forgotten by the music industry, yet terrifically supported by the dedicated cult that forms his fan base.

On to Leafs/Sens things:

Starting it up is always classy Leaf top prospect Kadr whom, after having menaced CH with a throat-slash gesture, refused to shake hands with the defeated opponent in the next meetup. Some guys'll never get it. USA 5-4 with Kadri -5 for punishment. (Fuck you if you think that's anti-patriotic, but the US is just flat out way, way better this year and I'm sick of the entitlement bullshit coming out of the West).

Tonight the 'big club', sans two more "top 6 forwards" (stifled guffaws) will face the Panthers at home while the Senators host Sens-killer Thomas, though the Bruins are without Bergeron whom may have, with a wrist injury, granted an Olympic spot to our dear top centreman Mike Fisher (whom, when lined up with Kovalev in the Wii NHL 2k10, kicks some major ass, btw!)

Ok, enough rambling. Good luck to both fan groups except those of you who sport the blue and white. May your personal lives be fruitful this year but your AHL club masquerading as an NHL franchise continue to suck it.

P.S., I won't be very regular on main postings here for a while as, to be quite frank and anti-Happy New Year, we're waiting out the approaching expiry date of a family member.

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