Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here comes the pugnacity!

First Jamal Mayers and now Garnet Excelby want out.

So long, Truculence! See ya' 'round, Beligerence!

Is Burke's blueprint for the bleu et blanc beginning to brown? It sure looks that way.
Well, that's ok, because reinforcements are headed for Toronto to make the place more physical.

For those of you to lazy to click the link.... 

Olivia Newton-John is headed for Toronto to film a movie (a musical, a la Xanadu) about:

a budding teen hockey star who grapples with newfound fame and the pressure to fight on ice

It sounds like they're filming the Luke Schenn Story.

Anyway, it sounds like a film full of dainties-on-ice. I guess the NHL wouldn't grant a favorable licensing deal for use of the logo, but we'll all know the real team being parodied.

Well, it seems appropriate at this point to show you all this. Notice she's wearing a blue and white top.  Mats Sundin makes a cameo.

Send me the bill for your eye bleach.

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