Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well now....

.... that was fucking calamitous.

The Pens win over the Senators thereby bringing Yoda out for his third post of the 09/10 season.

Lesson's we learned:

  • Leclaire had the puck-in-face fear his first game back from a sub-orbital fracture.  I know how that feels - it took half a year for me to get back in front of infield grounders after getting a baseball right below the eye for 13 stitches.  Clouston made a mistake putting him in.  Elliott should`ve played until post-Christmas;
  • Matt Cooke is a huge fucking pussy.  He takes Donovan out for several weeks with a knee-on-knee and then pussies out on a fight with a 37 y/o lacking 1.5 ligaments;
  • Chris Neil, also back from several weeks of a knee injury, takes on a guy 10x bigger and bleeds him.  Fuck yeah Chris Neil.
  • Kovalev can play.  He, next to Ruutu, was one of the better Senators on the night.  Now start doing it more often, man!
  • As Alfie goes, so go the Senators.  And Michalek showed more balls than Heatley has ever fondled in sticking up for Alfie.
  • 47 shots/2 goals.  Soooo much more frustrating than 25 shots/no goals.

Adams & Cooke better pay the next time the teams meet or my g/f is going to start mailing tortured Arctic Penguins from the Papineau Zoo to Mario.

Oh yeah, the Leafs lost, but that's not news.

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