Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Post game hangover

Surprisingly not much chatter after a rather significant night for each of the BoO teams though both situations had a mix of the good and the evil. 

For the bad guys, a 3-0 shutout against the Habs in downtown Montreal is a big win.  The first divisional win and the first shutout gives added oompf to an important 2 points.  However, goalie-of-the-future (tongue in cheek) Gustavsson suffered an elevated heart rate midway through the 1st and had to be taken to hospital for "precautionary" evaluation.  At this point, following early season heart surgery (of the minor sort), "precautionary" evaluation should include every possible known test for this young talent (whom I personally will cheer for in the 2014 Olympics against the US, Finland, etc., but loath in the blue and white).

Here's hoping 100,000+ years of human evolution influenced by environmental stimuli and crossing of varied strands of DNA helices sees him through this into a much healthier career.

For the good guys, they traveled to the new home of selfish, douchebag, team-last, He(atly)first, Alfie/Fisher-hater,  Dany Heatley for their first post-abuse of NTC game.  The Sharks won, to be sure with DH picking up 2 helpers.  However, the quo for the Senators quid came out on top with 2 in the net to win the man-for-man battle.  Sadly, Chris Neil wasn't around to enlarge fuck-face's other pupil.

Now have at it.

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