Saturday, October 17, 2009

GDT: Kovlev goes home & Top meets bottom.

Two separate games this weekend with different degrees of significance.

First up:  Leafs v. Rangers

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Pretty simple here on this one.  It's top & bottom.  We've all known Leafs to be the bottom over the years, except when considering their fans who take it from their team year after year. The surprisingly first place Rangers (is Redden being benched?) take on the lowly bottom dwellers of Toronto at home.

Will Ol' MacDonald become the latest team savior?  Could this be the first win of the year for the blues?  Or will it be different goalies, same result?    

Today's lineup here.  Reimer in net in the 3rd.

Second match:  Sens @ Habs.

Kovi goes home.  It's sure to be an emotional night for AK27, but will it be a dismal affair for the 10th placed Sens with "lazy Alex" or will les Habs fans get look back at the jaw popping performance of "l'artiste" taking it to their 2-4-0 team.     Sens fans are, obviously, hoping for the latter as this is a 4 point game in the North East.  

Today's lineup here

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