Thursday, October 08, 2009

Burke's best option?

Gustavsson's goaltender-destroying injury to the join casts a shadow over the hope that was.  Grim are the prospects for Toronto's goaltending situation.

We're all well aware of Toskala's unfulfilled 'potential' and, as Five-0 so kindly detailed with medically far-too-accurate images we hope to never see again, Gustavsson is looking to be as fragile as Pascal Leclaire has been the last few years (and, dear unicorn, let that be the end of it). 

So what is Burke to do?

Well, Joey McDonald is recalled on Emergency Waivers which runs out after 30 days.  Hopefully for Gustavsson, he heals quickly and permanently.   But what if he doesn't?  What if he 'heals' and reinjures?  This is already looking like a wonky groin, a la Hasek.  Do the Leafs hope and pray that Toskala turns it around?  

McDonald isn't the answer, because he has to go back to the A and be recalled again with the possibility of being claimed.  So if he isn't the answer, if Toskala plays as he has been, and if Gustavsson can't remain healthy, I ask again: what is Burke to do?  

Your solution after the break:

Here's your best bet at the moment, Brian:

Burke may be forced to deal with the Islanders (I'm tampering!  They're gonna take away my internets!).  When DiPietro comes back from injuries, you can bank on him getting a lot of games to earn that crazy term contract.    You're then left with one of Roloson or Biron.  It's doubtful the Iles would part with Biron as he's a more than capable backup and could even start.  

So is Roloson the answer?  What goes in the other direction?  NY loves those young guys right now.  Is Burke willing to ditch some of the future for a decent goalie or will he start putting his scouts on the top 5 prospects for 10/11?

Bleak folks.  October bleak.

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