Friday, October 24, 2008


It's the day before the first battle of the year. Why is it so quiet around here?

I'm not sure exactly. Although, Sens fans tend to go into hiding when the Sens are losing. Even more so when the Leafs are winning.

You have a point. And since Ottawa are 1. Below Toronto in the standings and 2. Facing yet another back-up goaltender, well, this eliminates two of three most popular topics around here for them.

Ha ha. You have them there. Wait, what's the third one?

That whole 1967 thing.

Of course. Well they have us there.

Ya. They do. Anyway, onto the game tonight, it could be an interesting one. Two struggling teams that met in the finals a few years ago trying to get things on track. Maybe it will get rough?

Speaking of which, did Scott Niedermayer ever exact revenge on Afraidsson for shooting the puck at him in the playoffs?

You know, I have no idea?? Maybe ask a Sens fan. I'm sure there will be one or two around tonight.

If they're winning...

Of course.

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