Friday, October 17, 2008

GAME DAY: About Fricken Time Edition

It hasn't been the anorexic schedule for Toronto that Sens fans have had to face, but it's been a while for both squads.

TONIGHT: Toronto visit the Rangers while Phoenix make a rare visit to Kanata. A long layoff and no Afraidsson will surely be the excuses tossed out tomorrow if the Sens can't get it done, while Toronto are expected to lose so no excuses necessary.
Frogren and Stajan are back in while the Rangers will save Lundquist for Detroit tomorrow, meaning the Leafs as expected will be taken lighly by opposition playing two in two. No shock there.
At this time I'm not sure who Phoenix will start since they'll be in Montreal tomorrow. If I was Wayne I would play Bryz tonight and hope with all your guns you get the easier win nailed down and then hope for a Habs meltdown.

GAME DAY SONG for all your patience this week, none other than "Waiting Room" by one of my all time faves FUGAZI. This is a weird one.

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