Sunday, October 05, 2008

It was the worst of times...

The Leafs wrap up their pre-season this afternoon against the equally hopeless Columbus Blue Jackets (5pm, LeafsTV), ending their 9 game schedule.
It was an interesting camp. Here's who I thought stood out for all the right and mostly wrong reasons.

HAGMAN: This guy exceeded my expectations. He's fast as hell, has great instincts, is defensively sound and I bet he pots 30 goals this year. Him and Grabovski have really clicked.

GRABOVSKI: When the Leafs paid a 2nd rounder for this guy I was worried. Why would Montreal let a talent as significant as Fletcher and co were calling him to get away? Now that I've seen him try to drive the net through three players, all with 40 stiches in his face, I'm no longer concerned. It's refreshing to have a player with a one track mind to PUT PUCK IN NET. He's everything Kyle Wellwood, unfortunately, isn't.

SCHENN: Much will be said about him between now and the season starting. I've flopped back and forth on this a few times myself. One thing is for certain. No matter where he plays this season the Leafs have struck gold.

PONIKOROVSKY: He missed two wide open nets last night. He's always missing the goddamn net. I think it's time the Leafs had one less 3rd liner on the team. Anybody else?

FINGER: He only played one game but he led the team with 5 blocked shots in that game. Him and Kubina will ad a lot of toughness on the blue line once they're back.

TLUSTY: I think he's had an amazing camp. He's doing a lot of the dirty work on the line with Grabs and Hagman, and is showing real patience with the puck. No pictures of his penis lately either.

JOSEPH: Why is it I expect a goal anytime he faces a shot? Why is it he's allowed 10 goals in two games against partial NHL rosters? This is worrisome.
FROGREN: When he's a Marlie, be sure and get game tickets for you and the family. Very affordable.

BELL: I thought he would come out flying. I was wrong. He better do something if it isn't already too late.

MAYERS: Is that it? I was expecting a little more physical presence. Being the 2nd oldest guy on the team, maybe he's saving himself for the games that matter?

WHITE: Switches from D to F to end camp and was impressive. Unlike Bell, you get the sense that White knows he's close to losing his job and unlike Bell he's doing everything he can to save it. You have to admire him. A little.

Enjoy the game.

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