Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sympathy for Squeegie

Dreger on Sundin:

Now, Mats Sundin would never complain publicly about the lack of talent around him because the Captain is also a good guy. Right now, though, Sundin is playing more minutes than he ever has before as a Maple Leaf. He's also playing a more physical game, perhaps out of frustration.
The frustration for Sundin now could be the realization that he's in the twilight of his career.
More physical? In practice perhaps? His hits and blocked shots stats aren't any different than usual. Dreger may be talking about his after-whistle face washes. Squeegie is stepping it up!

Why Squeegie? THM defined it this way:

Sundin is like a squeegie kid. After the traffic slows, he offers to wash the windshield - with his glove - and then runs off to the curb once traffic starts up again.

Heretofore, Mats is now "Squeegie" Sundin

THM even provided this great picture. Leaf fans can e-mail me for a higher definition version that you can print poster size to accompany you in your parents basement.

Just stay out of traffic old man until you're moved to a contender at the deadline.

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