Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Extra pieces

Spezza, Fisher, and Vermette are scheduled to return to the lineup over the next month.

Who's coming out?

Hennessy and Hamel are the first two obviously. Hamel only got 3 minutes of icetime on Saturday and yesterday's game (9 min on Sunday). Who's number 3?

McGratton could sit in the press box against some teams and I suppose he'll be there come playoff time.

Does salary cap issues come into play though forcing the team to move a player to Bingo instead of keeping in the Press Box? McGratton would have to clear waivers. Eaves wouldn't and that was brought up on the Team1200 in the afternoon but I can't see it happening.

What would the lineup look like in the playoffs if everyone was healthy?

The lines up front could look like this:
Heatley - Spezza - Alfredsson
Vermette - Comrie - Fisher
Schaefer - Kelly - Neil
Schubert - McAmmond - Eaves

Or this:
Heatley - Kelly - Alfredsson
Vermette - Spezza - Neil
Schaefer - Comrie - Fisher
Schubert - McAmmond - Eaves

Or even this:
Heatley - Spezza - Kelly
Schaefer - Comrie - Alfredsson
Vermette - Fisher - Neil
Schubert - McAmmond - Eaves

Unless Eaves starts to finish a little better - and he's really only has until players start to come back into the lineup - he's not going to get the icetime of the other right wingers.


It's a fun exercise but in reality the probability of the Sens going into the playoffs with everyone healthy is small.

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