Sunday, January 28, 2007

But Is Your # 1 Tender a Hockey Hunk?

Our number one goalie may not be some thuggish python lover (no double entendre there) but according to ET Canada he does make the game of hockey a little easier on the female fans' eyes (not to be confused with puck bunnies, although they like him too). Cheryl Hickey throws herself at Razor as he explains, among other things, how clever teammates gave him the nickname, how he prepares for the game, and how he is preparing for his wedding.

You read that correctly. My apologies to Sherry and the rest of the HLOGgers, regardless of what Deadspin wants you to do, but Razor is taken. He is engaged to Erin something or other so all of the women that find this site or mine with searches like 'Raycroft Fiancee' or 'Raycroft girlfriend' or 'Raycroft wife' (more than you would think) can cool their heels and move on to searching for 'Mats Sundin wife' which you won't find because he is single. Have at it ladies!

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