Friday, January 12, 2007

Canuckleheads Pile On

The 24Hrs Podcasters try their hand at Leafs smack. A surprising amount of hostility on display by the otherwise peace loving citizens of Lotus Land, when they should at least be content to have done their part in shattering Leaf Nation's dreams of going to the Stanley Cup Finals. A particularly nasty bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder perhaps?

Should be interesting to see how the special teams play out on this one. Vancouver's third best PK vs. Leafs' fifth best PP and Vancouver's sixth worst PP vs. Leafs' eighth worst PK. Squeegee and Naslund will renew the battle of Swedish captains. Watch out for those Bobbseys - if they get their cycling game going, they'll blow the Leafs out like B.C. Place's ill-fated roof.

Go Canucks, Go Sens and have a Happy Hockey Day, everyone.

P.S.: Props to the Sens resident egghead for edging Nick Lidstrom in the Bud Light Plus Minus standings. Considered the time he spends paired with the reckless Joe Corvo, that's no easy feat.

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