Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post-game comments

While it was disappointing seeing a loss last night, one can't be disappointed in a split heading home.

Bob McKenzie gives sufficient commentary for the Crosby/Spezza action on the Letang goal and a few words about Sutton's hit on Leopold.  Not much else needs to be said on either of those except to all who are jumping all over Spezza for not containing Crosby:  Remember when we all called for Spezza to be more responsible defensively?  Yeah, fuck all of you now complaining about him behind his own net trying to contain the world's best hockey player and doing a damned fine job of keeping up with the shiftiness.  Whomever should've been watching Letang and not being mesmerized by the pairs dancing exhibition behind Elliott is the guy who should be held responsible.  

I (heart) Sutton


Quote from Crosby:

"Somebody was on me, I don’t know who was following me around, but they were tracking me pretty good,” he said. “Finally I got a step, and I tried to get to the net, but they had a ton of guys there and I think a couple of our guys were there as well. So I just tried to make the play[.] [Tanger] had tons of time and he did a great job of getting it through.”

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