Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alfie: Awesome

Reporter:  'How long with the pre-game ceremony last, Alfie?'

Alfie:  “Eleven minutes.  Hopefully”


Alfie:  “It could end up being 13, but then I’d have to throw my stick again.”

Tonight, the Ottawa Senators and 19,000+ of their fans will stand and give a wildly raucous ovation in recognition of the accomplishment of the Great Anti-Leaf, Daniel Alfredsson.  While over 200 players have managed 1,000 games in the NHL, under 50 have accomplished this feat with one single team.

One great irony of the ceremony being today is that the Ottawa Senators face the Buffalo Sabres, the team Alfie sent home from the ECF with an amazing OT goal in the 5th game.

My money is on the Sabres cheering Alfie's accomplishment along with the Ottawa Senators and their faithful while the douchebags who wear Leaf jerseys to this game have their boos go unheard except in the canyons of their heads.   Go ahead and boo him tonight Leafers.  The louder you boo, the more respect you show for his person.

P.S.  Make sure you read the Globe link that Don posted below.  It's a lovely Saturday read.

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