Friday, May 09, 2008


Months of speculation ended yesterday as the young Swede has chosen to play in Dallas next season.

His reasons for not coming to Toronto? According to his agent, Brunnstrom felt there would be too much pressure on him here and that the expectations would be a lot higher. If Toronto signed an unproven player to $850K a year with a bonus structure that could net him $2.5M a season, as Dallas did, you're damn right expectations would be high.
If he didn't want pressure and expectations, than why did he create a circus atmosphere and bidding war between NHL teams? All eyes will be on this kid next year no matter where he plays now.

Fletcher had this to say:
"It's a disappointment but I don't consider it a major disappointment," said Fletcher. "What I told the people in our organization is, `We might win the competition but how good is the prize?'"

We'll find out. other news, the Sens suck.

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