Friday, March 07, 2008

Bunch of Jumped Up Young Punks

Earl Sleek continues his cartooning over at the BoC and the latest installment is a big blow to the egos here. You know, you win one Stanley Cup and you forget all about the years of being a laughingstock in the NHL, being owned by Disney, being named after a kid's movie (ok, arguably the best trilogy in the history of movies but still...), having 'Mighty' be more a reflection of the heat than any strength on the team, the years of missing the playoffs, the duck bursting through the ice third jersey, and the fact that your team employs some (Ed.'s Note: Thanks to Earl for reminding me that there is so much more to hate than just Todd Bertuzzi) of the most despicable people to ever lace 'em up in the NHL.

Basically, you guys give all Leaf fans hope that there is a chance a brighter tomorrow.

In other ego shattering news, TSN ran a graphic during last night's game that showed that the senators are the 5th worst team in the NHL since the 19 game mark. The Leafs were 6th. In your face! Also, your team was just shut out by this guy. Enjoy being swept in 4 games in the spring.

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