Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game Day: Just Shoot Me Edition

Some Annoying Person has probably already reminded you that Monday was the "most depressing day of the year", and given the 2008 edition was bracketed by an unprecedented Philly gut-stomping and a shabby display in Florida, Sens fans may think there's something to the pseudo-science.

It gets worse, though. Tonight there is simply no way to go into the All Star Weekend on a high note. Visiting the dogs of the East, the Tampa Bay Lightning (2-0-1! against the Sens this year), a win will do nothing to bolster team or fan confidence, while a loss will cause further gut-churning and acid reflux as the trade deadline approaches.

But wait, there's more: if Toronto beats Washington tonight, it will give the blue team back-to-back victories and a 2-1-0 record against a sudden playoff contender that has absolutely butt-raped Ottawa this season.

1-0 Sens (SO): Alfie clinches the most thoroughly dissatisfying victory in Senators history.

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