Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's About Time

Glove tap to Godd Till and Kim Jorn for unearthing the next logical step in the season's progression:
In other news, someone has started a "Fire JFJ" site. I'm torn on this one. While it's nice to see Larry Tanenbaum using technology to reach out to the fans, it's troubling that he can't spell "cheering" properly. I'm sure he's got no problems with "boo," however.
They chime in on the whole situation with the sort of elegance that puts the effete intellectuals at HabsBlog to shame. Seriously, they quote MacBeth.

In other news, here's a fill-in the blank script for future Leafs-Habs matchups:

The Leafs dominated the Habs last night, outshooting them (insert big number) to (insert significantly smaller number) but (insert Habs' goalie's name) stood tall in the face of the onslaught to help (get the game to overtime/a shootout/keep the game close).

The Habs' powerplay was the difference as they went (insert big number) for (insert slightly larger number). On the other side the Leafs' (struggling/anemic) powerplay went 0 for (some painful number).

In the end it was (goaltending/shootout/defensive lapses) that cost the Leafs a chance at two points as the Habs once again stole a pair of points that they had no business picking up.

At least we still have our 2008 first rounder!

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